Sunday, November 29, 2009

arty fibre group

We had a great time dyeing lots of cool patterns last weekend. I could get to like this a lot!

Apart from that things are just the same and totally different if you know what I mean :) The two boys (hubby and youngest) had a blast at the Steiner Olympics in Hastings and now we are into end of year concert/performance season. We have done our french horn (James and me) thing already with the Saturday morning music class for the old folks in the retirement home next door to the classes and now have one last performance for family and friends plus a small party next Saturday. The ballet is putting on Cinderella this year so that will also be next weekend (a bit rushed for my liking but at least William doesn't have a major part this year!). There is a concert for the cellists (William again) next week some time or the week after and there is the school camp for the last week of school. After that it will be Christmas already!

Then we might get a holiday but I'm not holding my breath as sales are well down this year and there is still renovating to be finished.

As for meaningful thoughts - not just at the moment!

viv in nz

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