Friday, September 18, 2009

Doesn't seem like so long since I was in here but the dates have changed rather a lot!

Renovation has taken another stride onward with Matt moving into James old room and us converting what was supposed to be a bathroom into a small but adequate bedroom. It's going to be mayhem round here this weekend but I should be able to open the shop again by the end of it and Matt should have a good workspace too. I also hope to get the small bedroom lined properly but am not holding my breath because that is one heck of a work load!

We seem to have a surplus couch and fridge out of things so may have to consider where they get to live or whether they just get disposed of. The piano has to go next door too (it is my mothers and she is next door and does think she can fit it in which is good.).

One more week until the end of term for the kids and maybe they will get to go skiing with other grandma but that all depends on things like snow etc. Only one term left of primary school for William and one of intermediate for James. It doesn't seem that long since they were toddlers! In just over a week we will have a teenager!!!

viv in nz


DIYer said...


One of my colleagues (second cube down from me at work) hails from Kerikeri. Google maps tells me that's at the far distant end of the other island, but NZ is interesting.

Pretty train station you have there.

jim in TX

knutty knitter said...

Yup - not been that far north. To see us just look up Baldwin Street, worlds steepest. We have the white picket fence and the white lacework veranda.

viv in nz