Thursday, April 2, 2009


The middle of the week already and all I seem to have done is make apple preserves and worcestershire sauce (very yummy but it did stink the house out with the vinegar). I've got cucumbers and onions soaking in brine for preserved relish tomorrow and I suppose I might look into some more jelly - this time as fundraiser for the school.

Autumn is all go go go round here. Even the tomatoes are going to have to be delt to shortly and become green or red relish (mostly green from the looks of things).

The craft class children have finished their work bags and pencil cases and are moving into crotchet and knitting next with the odd cross stitcher as well. All looking good so far.

We are doing the puppet show again and this time I get to be Snow White with the odd bit of dwarf and handsome prince. Unlike me, she's very pretty. It is fun doing these plays for people.

We are also going to get rid of the car before it finally bites the dust. We will share the car my mother has next door with my brother and buy a couple of new bikes. I mostly take mum places anyhow so not much will change. None of us are big car users.

viv in nz

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