Monday, April 6, 2009

Council rant

Well, they gave me a form to fill in regarding their proposed plan for the next year and I told them exactly what I thought of it. Basically rubbish! They are stealing all our money to build a totally inappropriate stadium which will only be used about 14 times a year and will have only an average of about 4,000 attendees per game and we have to pay 198 million for it. That means that our house rates (tax) will increase lots for no perceivable gain just so little empire builders can say "Look what we've got". Our whole population is only 130,000 and rather a lot of us are poor and will never be able to see a game anyhow. Our one aim now is to not vote for any of the supporters of this stupidity ever again.

And for this they've bartered our souls without our support or consent.

The PTB are mad!



Going Crunchy said...

Libraries. Build LIBRARIES. Hrumph.

knutty knitter said...