Saturday, November 8, 2008


To buy local round here is actually quite easy when it comes to food. Most things are labeled and the farmers market is open all year round and it only does local. It helps that we are about a zillion miles from nowhere too. We tend to be too far and too small for most exporters.

Life gets much harder when you get to clothes. Basically there is no local apart from some woolly things and they tend to be so expensive that few can afford them. There are local clothes manufactured but not the cloth that goes into them so I don't really think that counts. So I compromise here and get what I need second hand or new but only on an infrequent basis.

I do support local products whenever I can and I think this is important because money spent locally stays local for at least that cycle. It supports infrastructure too so that we don't depend solely on overseas input.

The idea, to my way of thinking, is to balance the incoming goods with outgoing goods so that wealth doesn't leave the country and also, we don't rip off other countries. If proper globalisation was instituted, this balance would be implemented all over so that everyone got their slice of pie. Hoarding should really be banned as it isolates wealth from the system. I think that all wealth hoarded should decrease in value, not increase as at present.

By the same token, I think credit should only be used for a narrow range of purposes and that you should need to justify whatever credit you do ask for. This was how our great grandparents operated and I don't think it should have changed.

So there you have it,

Buy local whenever possible

Balance the books at all levels....and

Don't use credit inappropriately.

viv in nz


Mariella said...

here's to opshopping!! :D

Green Bean said...

We can learn quite a bit from how our grandparents lived, can't we? Good for you, though, for even thinking of local clothes. I've bought some local yarn but for the most part just hit the thrift stores. My neighbor owns an "eco-boutique" which stocks locally manufactured clothing but I don't think the fabric is local.