Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had a very nice day for Christmas. Possibly a bit warm for a roast with plum pudding but very enjoyable anyway.

Amongst the absolutely mad presents (all under $10 ) was a set of parcels from my brother in law.  This is the result!
I am calling this gnome, stripey, thing one, aristocat and the gangster.  Otherwise known as Matt, me, James, William and my brother Phill.

Enjoy :)



Mickle in NZ said...

Oh Viv, how wonderful. James looks such a darling with the wig too!

I noticed at the first Cricket World Cup match, where the temp in Christchurch at the start of play was about 9C, that a group of young guys were snug and cosy as they were each wearing "animal" onesies. I'm sure that Sprocket would happily curl up on top of whichever of His humans are wearing their Xmas onesie.

I'm slowly getting back "into circulation". Sending much care, love and huggles to you all,

Michelle/Mickle xxxxx

knutty knitter said...

Nice to have you back :)