Sunday, May 20, 2012

I just noticed that a whole month has gone by with nothing to say.  That is sooooo not the case as there is always something going on :) Lets see :

The car got crunched in the rear and mended - two weeks without it do tend to show just how bad our local bus service really is! Not to say expensive!!

Youngest took part in Stage Challenge - a musical dance/drama event for schools.  They get 8 minutes to do their best and our lot came second which was a good effort. We couldn't go as it was just too expensive so will have to see it through a dvd.  He is making a 48 hour film with a bunch of friends this weekend for another competition.  No idea what that will turn out like - a fairly typical beginner boys film I should think!

James got a late detention and is staring another one in the face - teenagers!

Grandma reached her 79th birthday - yay:)

We went on a trip to the recycle centre. Now that was an interesting event with sorting and belts taking this and that all over!  It was also rather loud. It's amazing what people put in their recycle bins - so much inappropriate stuff!

I've embroidered greek patterns on one side of three togas for when the class goes to the steiner olympics.  They have to do the other side themselves but time was going to be a problem. I have three more to go but they really look wonderful. The senior girls made ducks in felt for the playgroup kids.  Mostly to see how gussets are constructed. Hopefully this will translate to their main project.

I also did two printmaking days but more of that later.

And after all this, I think I get today off :) And three random photos as I can't make this new set up do what I actually want!

viv in nz

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