Saturday, October 16, 2010


I learned how to make felt last week. It is something I have wanted to know about for some time but have not had the opportunity to try. I created two pieces on my first effort, one of which is rather nice although it is by no means finished yet. Then, over the long weekend workshop, one of our members taught us how to do the really fine felt and I created an orange piece that I hope to turn into an iris and a couple of leaves to o with it.

After that I got sort of keen (understatement) and have spent the last day or so composing a book made from felt with a selection of my samples as content. I mostly used brown wool for the pages but I did the cover in a reddish pattern with flame coloured pieces. The book turned out rather soft and tactile but has stiffened up a little since I added the samples.

I will photo the whole thing when I get the chance as well as getting the Trotters Gorge photos on here. In the meantime I have hunted out a view of the Quarry Gardens. These are a major part of my view from my living room window and are nice to walk through too.

viv in nz


Mickle in NZ said...

What a wonderful view. Lovely to see a quarry "restored" to beauty.

I hope you dear Mother is continuing to improve, and that life is treating you all kindly,

Michelle and ol' Zebbycat in Wgtn

knutty knitter said...

Thanks - yes she is continuing to improve and should be home next week hopefully