Tuesday, March 16, 2010

side effects

I finally got off the horrible drugs and onto some that don't seem to react much so i'M MUCH HAPPIER this week. No more painkillers necessary....yay!

Now I need to get some fitness back and things will get back to more or less normal. It does bring home to you that death is a possibility and nearer than you think. Not a pleasant thought really but one everyone has to consider eventually. I no longer think of myself as bullet proof (although I never really thought that) and now have to face the fact that I am no longer young and that I've probably lived half my life already. That isn't comfortable and I can see why people stick so strongly to religion as a sort of prolonging of the inevitable. I have no answer to give here either as I am only human and don't presume to know everything. I think I belong to the wait and see school of thought :)

The other result has been several pairs of socks...its something to do when you have to watch the dust bunnies grow along with the weeds :)

All in all, its nice to be almost back!

viv in nz

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