Sunday, August 9, 2009

No drive????

I've decided to list the trips our car does for the week just to see what we can achieve.

So here it is.....

Monday - school car pool in the afternoon (17 km round trip)
Tuesday - morning and afternoon school car pool (34 km)
- ballet pick up pool (8km)
- St Johns pick up or drop off pool (4km winter only)
Wednesday - Afternoon teaching and car pool (17km)
- Orchestra drop off or pick up pool (8km)
Thursday - Afternoon car pool (17km)
Friday - nil
Saturday - music class, ballet class (20km approx)
Sunday - nil

Fortnightly meeting for Matt (8 km)
Twice monthly patchwork meetings (2km average)

Those are the trips I can't get out of mostly. Seems a lot but will hopefully improve next year at least in the summer when the boys will be on their bikes. Bus transport round here is expensive and inadequate which is a shame. There are also some massive hills to traverse for most of these trips which means bikes can be more of a nuisance than a help - only the fittest can ride Baldwin Street and the school at the other end is up the second steepest street here. Night trips for the boys are out - they are too young yet although growing up fast :)

I do plan all my shopping trips around these other trips so nothing is generally done with single trips. The large tripping stops with School holidays too at which stage travel becomes very infrequent.

viv in nz

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Chile said...

Combining as many trips at a time may be your best bet. It also looks like you're already carpooling a lot which is a great way to reduce carbon miles per person! And I'm impressed you've got two days that could be designated as car-free.