Thursday, July 2, 2009


I had a little time
I used a little time
I'd like a little time
To take a little time
Just to live!

I have now completed my food safety certificate so I am free to serve the public their pies at the local dairy. Now I need to complete their course on weekly gambling and I can work shifts on my own. The pay is minimal and irregular but heaps better than nothing. I keep wishing Matts work was a bit more regular too. That way we might have a finished, winter proof house.

Anyhow we are trying to get Williams bedroom done because everyone is fed up with him being in the cubby hole in the bathroom. It means extending the outside entry way at the back so that we can get to the kitchen/toilet without going through what will be his room. We will close up that door completely then. It means a somewhat colder trek to the toilet as the outside passage won't be insulated but that is just tough! The kitchen is always icy in winter anyhow (and baking hot in summer) so that won't change....unfortunately.

Plastic usage took a bit of a hit this week because I did a massive sort out. At least I can say it was mostly old plastic!

viv in nz

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Tread Softly said...

Congrats on the dairy certification!

Machinery is always scary at first glance, but you'll master it soon enough.