Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Nine bags of apples sitting on the floor
Nine bags of apples sitting on the floor
and if one bag of apples is given to a friend there'll be
eight bags of apples sitting on the floor

and you get the idea.

One bag to my sister and half to mum and half more to another friend who made us a plate of biscuits - yum

Two bags made into fruit for breakfasts and frozen/bottled.
One bag made into apple jelly for our toast.

Added a bag from a stray wild tree - those will be kept for school lunches as they are delicious just to eat.

Add two bags more from the farm and the result is still five bags of apples to deal to - sigh!
Add two large bags of pears also from the farm which I've preserved, juiced or jellied and I think its clear what I've been up to recently and what I'll continue to be up to for a while. I've already done a few bottles of apricots and tomatoes and there is still our own apple tree to pick.

I want my new kitchen!

viv in nz


Chile said...

I can relate to the tone of this post so much! You're thrilled to have the tasty fruit, want to preserve it to enjoy for a long time, but feel pretty overwhelmed with it all.

I had the big batch of tangerines to deal with this week as well as a big box of free bananas. They were not local or organic but I saved them from being dumped in the trash. Dried some, froze some, eating some, and letting some overripen for bread. Whew!

I'd kill for a nice crunchy apple right now.

knutty knitter said...

I just picked the tree! Three more bags of apple - I'm thinking juice at this point!